The Insulcon Group

The Insulcon Group - Leader in High Temperature Solutions

As part of the Insulcon Group, Insulcon Projects S.A. has a wide range of refractory products in it's programm. Founded in 1980, the Insulcon Group has grown into the leading supplier of refractory materials with thermal shock-, chemical and wear resistance and/or high thermal insulation properties for industrial energy savings.

Insulcon products and systems are used in a wide range of high temperature applications, especially when extreme thermal and/or chemical conditions are involved. Most of our products are available from stock and can be converted/machined according to your specific requirements.

Manufacturing and converting

Besides a large central warehouse of over 78.000 m3, engineering services, supervision and inspection facilities, the Insulcon Group has several manufacturing facilities, such as CNC controlled milling, punching, cutting and water cutting machines, a vacuumform and textile plant and a sewing workshop. This enables us to produce a suitable solution for the high-temperature application our customers' require.

Various locations

The Insulcon group has its headquarters in Steenbergen (Insulcon B.V.), the Netherlands. The company is strategically located in Steenbergen,  between the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Our production, sales and engineering offices are based in:


For an impression of the activities of the Insulcon Group, please take a look a the corporate website.