Material supply

First class engineering and full refractory material supply

As part of the Insulcon Group, Insulcon Projects SA has a wide range of refractory products and anchoring systems in it's programm. Most materials are available from stock and can be machined upon your specific requirements.

 Insulcon BV Blanket


 Insulcon BV - Board


 Insulcon - Bulk Fibres


 Insulcon - Fire Bricks

Bulk Fibres
Fire bricks

Insulating blankets designed to solve your thermal management challenges!


Complete range of refractory fibre boards (f.e. Fiberfrax® 120 LD and ZK)


We offer a complete range of bulk and chopped fibres up to 1600°C


Fire bricks (Fireclay bricks) are the most widely used refractory bricks.








Fibre modules up to 1600°C
Vacuum Formed Products (Insulvac®) up to 1600°C
Insulcoat protective coatings (150 and 180FF)
Wide range of Monolitics materials

Several types of module systems, available in different qualities. 


In-house engineered and manufactured vacuum formed shapes. 


A complete range of in-house manufactured coatings for protection of your refractories


Wide range of castable products (API refractory products group)